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02. Custom Designs
01. Our core competences
BFG has a strong know-how in desiging electronic hardware boards to control low, medium and high power systems.
Furthermore, we are well appreciated to develop custom solutions to control any type of motors and drives.
Our competences:
- Complex Hardware designs to control energy up to 10KW
- Low cost & low power applications...
- Software development on any microcontrollers (8-bit to 32-bit CPU).
- Energy conversions products using IGBTs or Power MOSFETs ..
- Complex system including User interfaces, etc.
  • References designs
  • Brushless AC motors
  • AC Induction Motors
  • Customs development
  • Custom design for any complex user interface
  • Fast software porting from/to any microcontrollers
  • Fast prototyping: designing, producing, testing & producing
  • Industrial & reliable boards design
  • Motor Calibration on Brake System for any motor types
  • Worldwide Training & Workshops for Drives Technology
03. Expertises & services
Motor Control Ref. Platforms

Innovation From Design To Final Product

12.03.2009   -- New Publication --
Our Services