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01. About us
01.05.2010   -- New Event 9th & 10th of July 2010 - International Motor Control Meeting

Innovation From Design To Final Product

02. History
03. Platinum Partner

The Global Alliance Partner Program "will allow end-users to Renesas devices to easily find" partners ", i.e. skilled operators able to offer expertise and solutions with high added value: a list of these operators is viewable on Renesas website.
There are three levels of partnership: Alliance Partners, Gold Partners & Platinum Partners.
Persons with knowledge & experience at various levels of Renesas products such independent consultants, design studios, service providers for the production, developer of devices and programming companies, can request and eventually become Alliance Partner or Gold, but only the level " Platinum Partner ", the most prestigious, is given explicitly by Renesas Technology.

BFG Engineering is one of the current Platinum Partners Europe in relation to its long and successful collaboration with the Japanese house, with considerable experience on Tiny MCUs: H8, H8S, SH RISC, M16C and implementation of projects which are particularly innovative.

This partnership allows us to be always updated about news in the field of microcontrollers and receive continuous support and training.
Our task is to push ahead with research to develop devices and algorithms to be original and promptly meet the needs and demands of any end users.

04. Expertise
BFG Engineering is born in 1997 as a consultancy company.
The R&D department is a group of three electrical engineers with extensive experience in the design of software and hardware applications in the field of electric traction, the adjustment speed for diesel engine, in automotive, and monitoring of power generators.

The initial developments done by BFG were oriented towards many companies in the field of electronic/electromechanical based in the North of Italy. BFG provided expertise in the development of microcontroller-based systems for new applications and to replace existing analogue systems.
We initiated relationships with several consulting companies for projects involving the control of electric motors, industrial automation and processes control.

In 2001, BFG started the collaboration with Hitachi Europe Ltd. (leader in providing microcontrollers in Europe) which became with Renesas Technology Europe in 2003 (merge of Hitachi & Mitsubishi).

Since the last years, we developed various demonstration systems to drive AC induction motors, 3-phase synchronous (permanent magnet), universal and implemented advanced algorithms.

Several algorithms were designed in collaboration with the University of Padova, the design of systems in the energy conversion & in the implementation of innovative algorithms for electrical drives.

In 2007, BFG Engineering became Platinum Partner for Renesas Technology Europe in order to keep high innovation level and address up-coming challenges.

We stay focus on innovation from conception/design to final product.

Keywords: Fast Prototyping, Efficiency, Partnership.

Key Applications:   -    Motor/Drive Control.

  • Power Generation & Conversion [AC/DC- DC/DC]
  • Inductions Heating
  • Small Appliances (Coffee Machines, shavers…)
  • Metering
  • High End User Interface.
  • Serial Communications
  • Software Porting
BFG Engineering - is a development house focused on hardware & software design.
We are operating mainly in the field of advanced control for of electric drives, small machinery automation and control of industrial processes.

Our company is a group of highly experienced engineers and technicians.

Our mission is to develop electronics to quickly meet our customers needs and expectations by providing customized solutions.

We aim to be more than a solution suppliers and be a "partner", communicating a passion for its work in transferring knowledge and technical expertise, offering innovative, requiring continuing education and research, taking care of details and details of products and projects.

By this way we became Platinum Partners Renesas Technology Europe, the world
leader in the manufacture and supply of microcontrollers.
Remaining consistent in this way they hope to share the development and success of many other partners
About BFG